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ENT surgery

ENT (ear, nose and throat) is a medical and surgical speciality to treat ear, nose, throat, and larynx disorders.
This speciality is overseen by 10 ENT surgeons. It covers all procedures related to the discipline and management of ENT diseases in adults and children:

  • Pathologies of the ear: exploration of deafness, tinnitus, dizziness / surgery for deafness and chronic otitis / protruding ear surgery (otoplasty).
  • Pathologies of the nose and sinuses: video/endoscopic surgery of the sinuses / surgery for nasal obstruction / rhinoplasty and septoplasty. 
  • Pathologies of the neck, oral cavity and pharyngolarynx: tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy / phonosurgery and laryngeal microsurgery / surgery for snoring / salivary gland surgery / cervical surgery.
  • ENT pathologies in children (recurrent otitis, diabolos, adenoids, tonsils...).
  • Cancer surgery: oral cavity / pharyngo-larynx, neck and sinuses.

The Rhéna clinic has oncology authorisation to conduct dermatological surgery.