Useful numbers

Home:03 90 67 43 62

Anaesthesia consultations:03 67 34 35 35

Radiology:03 69 06 07 08


Emergency services:03 90 67 40 10

Hand emergencies:03 90 67 40 30


Discharge is decided on jointly by the gynaecologist and the paediatrician, depending on your state of health.

If you decide to leave the establishment against medical advice, you will be asked to sign a discharge form.

The day before your departure, the midwife will give you your baby's prescriptions, health records, and possibly a work release form, a consultation appointment, etc.

At the end of your stay, your doctor will receive a report on your hospital stay.


Administrative formalities

Please visit the admissions office located in the lobby of the clinic. Your administrative file will be given to you and will include:

  •    your invoice, for which we ask you to provide means of payment (check, credit card or cash).
  •    your hospital report, which replaces the work release form during your stay.

You will have to pay all amounts remaining under your responsibility. If your complementary insurer does not do third-party payments, do not forget to send them your bill paid to claim your refund.


Returning home

You can leave either by private vehicle or taxi. You must pay the cost in advance, this may then be reimbursed by your Health Insurer. If your state of health requires it, and by medical prescription only, you may call for medical transport: ambulance (long vehicle) or a light healthcare vehicle (seated transport).

A voucher will be given to you for reimbursement of the expenses by your Primary Health Insurer.

You may choose any transport company you like. A list is available at reception. Please ask a member of the care team.


Satisfaction questionnaire

In order to provide you with the best possible service, the RHENA Clinic asks its patients about their satisfaction levels using the questionnaire included in the various welcome booklets, as well as through special surveys which you may be asked to take.

The satisfaction questionnaire is on the bedside table in your room.

Do not forget to hand it in before you leave.

  •    Either in the box provided for this purpose or at the reception desk
  •    Or to the staff in the admissions / billing department
  •    Or send it by post to the following address: Rhéna, Clinique de Strasbourg  - Service Qualité, 10 rue François Epailly, CS 50003, 67076 STRASBOURG

We would like to thank you in advance.


Medical follow-up after childbirth

You will need to schedule an appointment with a paediatrician of your choice within 10 days of the birth.

Do not forget to contact the gynaecologist or midwife who handled your pregnancy, 4-6 weeks after delivery.

Follow-up at home by an independent midwife will be organised (PRADO) for your care and to monitor the baby's diet; You can also contact a midwife of your choice for home visits.

The purpose of these visits include:

  •    monitoring of breastfeeding.
  •    checking of dressings or the removal of staples/stitches if you delivered by caesarean section.
  •    perineal rehabilitation.

Perineal rehabilitation may be required about 2 months after delivery. The prescription from your gynaecologist or midwife can be used to make an appointment with an independent midwife or physiotherapist.