Useful numbers

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Anaesthesia consultations:03 67 34 35 35

Radiology:03 69 06 07 08


Emergency services:03 90 67 40 10

Hand emergencies:03 90 67 40 30

Preparation meetings

Preparation meetings are intended to reassure you and give you confidence in your ability to become a mother (and father: dads are welcome too). They also ensure you know what to do on the day of delivery and during the following weeks.

Birth preparation is an opportunity to plan for the birth and subsequent care of your child.

8 sessions with an independent midwife will be covered by your health insurer: see contact details on the website


What should I put in my bag?

The date of delivery is approaching and some people have trouble deciding what to bring!

The clinic provides nappies and baby toiletries, and from the 7th month, we ask you to provide the following:

For the mother:

  •    obstetrician contact sheet
  •    blood group card
  •    recent laboratory tests (last blood test usually prescribed by the anaesthesiologist)
  •    ultrasound records
  •    results of specialised consultations (e.g. cardiologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist etc.)
  •    current medical treatments already prescribed by your doctor
  •    birth book if you are married or in a civil partnership
  •    comfortable nightwear: cotton, comfortable but not too warm. Make sure your clothing has a practical opening for breastfeeding (e.g.: buttons at the front).
  •    dressing gown or bathrobe, slippers
  •    cotton or disposable briefs
  •    a sufficient quantity of large sanitary towels.
  •    Toiletries.
  •    towels, flannels
  •    square cotton cloths
  •    hair dryer
  •    mineral water mister.
  •    If you wish to breastfeed: pads + breastfeeding bra.
  •    Music CD for the birth room.
  •    Pen + watch or alarm clock.

For the baby:

  •    towels, flannels or cotton squares especially for the baby
  •    1 sleep bag
  •    6 to 8 outfits (pyjamas, baby grows)
  •    6 cotton bodysuit: ones that open rather than ones that slip over the head
  •    6 pyjamas or outfits
  •    3 woollen jerseys or fleece vests, even in summer (to keep the new-born baby warm After nine months in a temperature of 37°, your baby must adapt to a temperature of around 22°)
  •    3 pairs of slippers or socks
  •    1 seasonal jacket and 1 blanket
  •    1 cotton or wool cap depending on the season
  •    7 or 8 bibs
  •    1 outfit for leaving day

When leaving the clinic:

  •    depending on the season, warm clothing or a fleece blanket.
  •    depending on your method of transport: car seat, baby basket, baby carrier.

These documents are required for your file.