Useful numbers

Home:03 90 67 43 62

Anaesthesia consultations:03 67 34 35 35

Radiology:03 69 06 07 08


Emergency services:03 90 67 40 10

Hand emergencies:03 90 67 40 30

Other services

Accompanying persons

An adult may accompany you if you are in a single room. Children may not stay in the clinic at night. The presence of a parent can be reassuring for both children and adults. It is compulsory for children under 12 years old. The accompanying person will be provided with sleeping arrangements and can have meals.


Volunteer associations

Through their presence and their advice, volunteers from associations can help to improve living conditions both during and after your stay.

For further information: Rhéna Support


Chaplaincy & Spiritual practice

A chaplain team is there to meet the spiritual and/or religious needs of patients and their families. Chaplaincy is organised and practised in a spirit of interdenominational collaboration. It respects the freedom of conscience and religion of patients and hospital staff.

Families wishing to see a representative from their faith can obtain useful information from the chaplaincy.

To contact them, ask the staff or the receptionist.



The clinic is a place of care and convalescence that requires calm. In order to preserve a calm environment, please use radio, television, tablets and mobile phones with discretion. Avoid group visits so as not to disturb the other patients.



Beverage and snack vending machines are available in the building.


Flowers – Plants

In order to comply with hygiene standards, natural flowers and other potted plants are strictly forbidden in the establishment.


personal effects

It is your responsibility to bring all belongings and toiletries you may need (towel, bathrobe, flannel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair dryer etc.).


Fire safety

Remember to read the safety and evacuation instructions posted in the unit. If an incident occurs, it is important to keep calm and follow the instructions given by the staff.



To comply with current regulations and safety standards, smoking is strictly forbidden inside the clinic. The use of the electronic cigarettes is also prohibited.


Values and aims

The doors in the Rhéna clinic cannot be locked and, despite the staff’s vigilance, theft* can occur. We advise you to bring only the bare necessities for your stay and to leave valuables at home (cash, jewellery, watches, phones, tablets etc.). A secure locker is at your disposal in your room. However, we strongly recommend you do not leave valuables in it.

* The Rhéna Clinic cannot be held responsible for the disappearance or deterioration of your personal belongings.