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Medical files

The medical file consists of information about the patient with regards to a specific stay or a series of stays in a hospital. This information is strictly personal and therefore protected by the rules of confidentiality. This file is kept by the establishment at the end of your hospital stay. You can access the information it contains.



  • The owner
  • The holder of parental authority for files belonging to minors.
  • The next of kin in the event that the patient dies, unless instructions have been left not to disclose the file (must be the beneficiary or legal successor of the deceased, in accordance with common law. Order of 3 January 2007 amending the order of 5 March 2004).
  • The guardian (for incapacitated adult patients or minors under guardianship).
  • The physician processing the patient's agreement will be required.


How to access the file

A request must be addressed to the General Management of the Institution or to the doctor overseeing the period of hospitalisation.

Formalities and supporting documents

For patients Copy of an identity document (Identity card, passport...)
For holders of parental authority Copy of ID
Copy of the family record book or a copy of the child’s birth certificate
For guardians Copy of ID
Copy of the legal order of guardianship
For successors Copy of ID
for children and non-divorced spouses: Family record book
for other beneficiaries: certificate showing status as legal successor of the deceased (Certificate of heredity requested from the Town Hall or notary).

For the beneficiaries, you must justify the reasons for your request which must include at least one of the 3 reasons stated in the law (Art L.1110-4 CSP):

  • To find out the cause of death.
  • To defend the memory of the deceased.
  • To assert the rights of the beneficiary. 



The rules of access to personal health information

Requesting the medical file