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Administrative formalities for medical services / surgery

As soon as you know your hospital dates, you should complete the pre-admission formalities to simplify the administrative process on the day of admission.

Your doctor will have sent you the Admission Pack including all necessary documents and information: this pack includes all documents required for a stress-free stay.

You can also complete pre-admission formalities on the day of your anaesthesia consultation or at another time, but at least 48 hours before your admission. Allow one hour or more depending on how busy it is.

The Admissions department is open Mondays to Fridays between 8 am and 5 pm.


Documents that you must bring to pre-admission without fail:

  •    the application for admission and the Admission Pack given to you by your hospital doctor
  •    your Carte Vitale (medical cover card) or Carte Vitale attestation
  •    your mutual insurance and/or private insurance membership card
  •    valid ID (national identity card, passport or residence card)
  •    the mutual and/or private insurance care agreement
  •    your health records if possible
  •    your blood group card, if you have one.

And, depending on your situation:

  •    the form issued by your employer in the event of an accident at work or an occupational disease, or an E123
  •    your CMU certificate
  •    for EU members: the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or E111, and E112 in case of emergencies
  •    for foreign nationals who are not members of the EU: any certificate of assumption of responsibility
  •    health records for Article 115 veterans
  •    minors: bring their health records, the family record book and the consent to operate form
  •    persons under guardianship or trusteeship: bring the guardianship order.

The receptionist will give you a copy of the welcome booklet. She will also inform you of the general conditions regarding your hospitalisation, including:

  •    accommodation service supplements, depending on the choice of services you wish to receive
  •    the date and time of admission
  •    admission formalities
  •    discharge formalities.

If you are unable to present all pre-admission documents, you can complete your application at the time of admission.


Important things to check before you arrive.

  •    Check that your Carte Vitale (medical cover card) is up to date (terminals at health facilities, Social Security centres).
  •    Check how much of your health expenditure is covered, including hospital charges and accommodation supplements, with your complementary insurance provider. Depending on the case, you will be sent a care agreement covering all or part of the additional costs. The complementary insurer must also send this document to the admissions department of the clinic where you will be hospitalised.

 Learn more about methods for handling: Hospitalisation expenses.


Admission Packs & Welcome Booklets

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