Useful numbers

Home:03 90 67 43 62

Anaesthesia consultations:03 67 34 35 35

Radiology:03 69 06 07 08


Emergency services:03 90 67 40 10

Hand emergencies:03 90 67 40 30

Key dates

January 28, 2010:
Signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Adassa Foundation and the Etablissement des Diaconesses to restructure their health activities.

January 1, 2011: 
 Creation of the Healthcare Cooperation Group: Adassa-Diaconat, Clinique de Strasbourg.

August 1, 2011:
The Sainte Odile clinic joins the Adassa and Diaconat clinics to give rise to Rhéna.

March 12, 2014:
The Strasbourg clinics Adassa, Diaconat and Sainte Odile announce the launch of "Operation Rhena" aiming, at the start of 2017, to move the activities of the three establishments to a single site in a new building.

September 29, 2014:
The Adassa, Diaconat and Sainte Odile clinics begin construction of the Rhéna clinic with the laying of the first stone. This founding act symbolizes the start of a 32-month project

November 2015:
End of structural work on the Rhéna Clinic.

June 2016:
Start of the first technical tests at the Rhéna Clinic.

December 2016
Delivery of the building

February 27, 2017
The Rhéna Clinic opens

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