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Getting ready for maternity hospitalisation

Your admission to the maternity clinic Rhéna requires essential administrative procedures to ensure your hospitalisation costs are paid by Social Security and your complementary insurer.


Maternity registration

We advise you to contact the maternity unit as soon as possible to find out how to register and complete your pre-registration form.

If the gynaecologist/obstetrician has given you an admission application form, it must be sent to the Admissions Office.

To help you find your way around the facilities and to get acquainted with the staff and the surroundings, individual and group visits to the maternity centre can be organised by calling 03 90 67 41 17.

In the event of an obstetric emergency, the unit has a midwife on call 24 hours a day. She will look after you, together with the obstetrician and the anaesthesiologist, if any problems occur during your pregnancy.


Request for additional services

Inpatient services include either single rooms, available according to the activity, or shared rooms (with 2 beds).

You can request a single room by paying a daily supplement, as long as space is available.

You must make the request as soon as you are admitted, you should also contact your complementary insurer to check whether your policy covers the additional costs.

However, as the number of single rooms is limited, the establishment is unable to promise that rooms will be available immediately. Given the establishment’s occupancy levels, you may not be able to be assigned the room you want on admission due to the rate of emergencies and discharges. If this is the case, we thank you for your understanding and we undertake to fulfil your request as soon as is possible.

In private rooms, the father may also request a bed and meals for a daily supplement.

The provision of a second bed and/or meal service must be specified on the admission form or a request made to the nursing staff before or during the stay.

For more information: Supplementary accommodation rates


Documents to be provided before your arrival at the maternity ward

These documents are required to create your hospitalisation file.


For the clinic:

  •    the documents sent by Social Security
  •    your blood group card and the results of all examinations carried out during your pregnancy (biological, ultrasound examinations, etc.)
  •    your obstetric records if you have them
  •    your Carte Vitale and attestation
  •    your mutual insurance card or care request from the mutual insurer
  •    ID

For the local authority:

  •    the family booklet (if you have one)
  •    the identity documents of the parents.

For unmarried couples and single mothers, recognition before the child’s birth is recommended. It can be done at any time during pregnancy and at any town hall with identification and proof of address.

Naming the child

The surname chosen by the parents for the first common child may be:

  •    the father's surname
  •    the mother’s surname
  •    or the double name: the father’s surname followed by the mother’s surname, or vice versa.

The surname chosen for the first child will also be given to the couple’s following children.

The first common child is the first child to be registered to both parents. It is not necessarily the first biological child.